Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What We're Eating This Month

yes, that says Month up there! This week I'm cooking for the entire month of December. Last time I cooked for a month, I had a specific plan to make five building blocks that could be turned into 20 separate meals with the addition of some fresh ingredients. This time I wanted to make my own menu for dinners, plus include some lunches, breakfast and snacks into my cookday. Here are the dinners I plan to cook on Thursday:

  • BBQ Turkey Meatballs and Turkey Parmesan Meatballs
    • I have made both of these meals before and I am recruiting Deputy Handsome to roll the meatballs for me this time around
    • we'll eat the Parmesan ones on rolls with marinara and melted provolone
    • BBQ Meatballs will be served with potatoes and veggies
  • Sesame Chicken and filling for Korean Beef Lettuce Wraps
    • both from the Flat Belly Diet cookbook
    • will be fully cooked and stored, ready to reheat
  • plus five ready-to-cook crockpot meals
    • three from the mama and baby love blog (look under the bulk/freezer tab)
      • BBQ Chicken, Chicken and Cherries, Orange Chicken
    • two from the six sisters blog (look under freezer meals)
      • Taco Soup, Pizza Bake
These meals will be supplemented by pasta bolognese that I already have in my freezer. 

Here's the plan for the other food I plan to make for meals other than dinner:
  • smoothies
    • chop all the fruit so it's super easy to just throw everything in a blender
  • Barley Risotto
    • Deputy Handsome wouldn't touch this if I made it for dinner, but I think it sounds good so I'll eat it for lunches when he's at work
  • Romesco Sauce
    • From the Flat Belly Diet cookbook
    • Last time I made this, I served it over chicken. Deputy Handsome didn't like it, but I thought it was so good. In the recipe notes, it says this makes a good dip for veggies, and I need to eat more veggies as afternoon snacks instead of chips/cookies/other crap. Having this dip already made will be yummy motivation.
  • BBQ spiced Edamame
    • never have eaten soybeans any way other than straight out of the pod, so this should be interesting!
  • Cheesey Breakfast Muffins
    • to grab and go on our way out the door to church, park playdates, etc.

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