Friday, September 16, 2011


so, I did it. I cooked food that will feed us over the next month in one day. Well, really two days but only during the few hours of naptime so it totally could have been done in just one day if I wanted to. I made huge batches of tomato sauce and rice pilaf, cooked tons of chicken and pork shoulder and roasted an ovenfull of vegetables.
rice pilaf divided into one-cup portions

above: onions and bell peppers; below: butternut squash.
all doused with olive oil and seasoned
with salt, pepper and lots of garlic

Now everything is divided up and packed into my freezer just waiting to be turned into yummy, easy meals.
This couldn't have come at a better time. I am seriously getting the bug to knit again (must be a fall weather thing) and also Mister Man is ready to move on from rice cereal into vegetables and fruit and I plan to make all my own baby food for him like I did for Little Miss so I'm glad to have a bit of a reprieve from cooking whole meals from scratch for a few weeks.

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