Monday, July 18, 2011

What We're Eating This Week

with the beautiful
although the last few weeks may have been convenient, they weren't exactly the healthiest and Saturday's bridal shower reminded me that in just three months I will be standing alongside a bunch of beautiful ladies (who haven't yet had to take maternity leave from the gym) in matching dresses and so it's time to kick up the running routine and eat a little healthier. As a result of that realization, unless indicated otherwise, meal selections this week will come from the Flat Belly Diet! Family Cookbook. I don't usually like "diet" foods, but everything I've made from this line of cookbooks has been yummy and satisfying in flavor. The next step will be controlling portion size. ha ha.
Anyway, here's the list  of what I'll be cooking today:

  • Chicken and Broccoli Casserole
    • whole chickens are on sale at Vons this week! I love when this happens! For more of my favorite things to do with whole chickens, check out this post and this post.
  • Chicken Tortilla Casserole
    • a different recipe than I am used to. Includes black beans and corn! yum!
  • Rosemary Pork & Rice
    • boneless pork loin chops are on sale all over town this week, but the best price I found for them is at Albertson's
  • Mexican Pork Stew
    • the chops are only available at the cheap price in the max pack, so I needed to plan on more than one dish to use them all up
  • Chicken Salad
    • no recipe, just trying to remember the version that was served at my baby shower for Mister Man. I've been craving it ever since. 
  • Almond-Cranberry Granola
    • a new combination from my usual
  • Oatmeal
    • we do instant every morning for Little Miss, and sometimes I want to sneak bites of it myself! this version uses whole oats and has walnuts and dried fruit for more heft.
  • Banana Bread
    • recipe from the Better Homes & Gardens red checkered cookbook
    • I always buy more bananas than I think we'll go through in a week. if we do use them all, it's a great surprise, but if not, I get to make my favorite snack!

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