Saturday, July 16, 2011

Reinforcing Good Behavior

over the past two weeks I was frequently reminded why I do what I do:

Reminder #1: MAKE EXTRA AND FREEZE IT! With so much time away from home, I haven't had a cook day since June so on the nights we were home, I relied heavily on purchased convenience foods (such as those highlighted here) and stockpiles of homemade food in the freezer (such as that bonus batch of meatballs and carnitas tacos made with extra meat pulled from a large pork shoulder).

Reminder #2: SAVE MONEY! Since I buy multiples of pantry staples when they go on sale (with a coupon!) I only needed to spend grocery money this week on basics like milk and produce, with the rest of the budgeted money going towards lunch and other treats for the pirate party. It is a great feeling to pull that off without over-spending.

Reminder #3: COOK AHEAD! One of the packages of chicken I bought for the party came with half breast meat and half thigh meat. I didn't think the thighs would skewer well, so I saved them to cook later in the week and the night I decided to cook them was a night that Deputy Handsome was at work. Trying to get dinner on the table in a timely manner with now-two-year-old Little Miss telling me over and over how "hungy" she was at the same time Mister Man decided NOT to take a nap was all the motivation I needed to start prepping my menu and planning my cook day for next week!

Are you motivated too?

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