Thursday, November 17, 2011

wonderful waffles

this morning Deputy Handsome and I were both up before the kids (unusual and delightful) so I convinced him to yield control of the waffle iron over to me for a special breakfast treat! Usually waffles and pancakes are his domain, but I had seen this delicious-sounding idea on Pinterest and as a card-carrying member of Cinnamon Junkies Not-So-Anonymous, I had to try this out: cinnamon rolls cooked in a waffle iron for mini-cinnamon waffles. I just about died when I saw the picture for the first time and have been waiting and waiting for a good sale on cinnamon rolls. Here's how it went down:

waffle iron is hot and ready to go!

even with a non-stick surface and Pam sprayed on first,
the sugar on top of the rolls caused the mini-waffles
to stick to the top of the iron when we opened it.

I see you tremble with antici ... pation! 
I spread the can of frosting over the
hot waffles before adding syrup.
Just in case there wasn't enough
sugar on my plate already.

The taste was every bit as wonderful as I had hoped. The texture was a little dense, but Deputy Handsome said he loved it. The kids stayed asleep until we were done eating! The only negative to this whole experience was that the waffle iron was really, really hard to clean. If you are fortunate enough to have one with removable plates that you can put in the dishwasher, I recommend this adventure in waffle making whole-heartedly! 

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