Wednesday, November 9, 2011

return of the cook day!

Our schedule is slightly back to normal and this week whole chickens were on sale for just 69 cents a pound so I bought three and yesterday I finally had a cook day! I was so excited about it that I skipped my morning run to cook, cook cook - though remind me to never do this again. I can cook during naptime, but I can not leave my children alone in the house, even while sleeping, to go run. However, I did make great use of the morning and am fully prepared with tons of baby food for Mister Man and precooked meals to get us through Deputy Handsome's work week.  Here's what I made yesterday:

  • Red-wine poached chicken
    • in the crock pot
    • yummy, garlicy, citrus wine sauce infuses a ton of flavor in to the whole chicken
    • strained the sauce and put it in the fridge overnight to let fat rise to the top. tonight I'll thicken it and serve it over rice with the reheated chicken
  • Lemon garlic roasted chicken
    • our dinner last night, served with mashed potatos
    • so glad Deputy Handsome was home to help me butterfly a whole chicken! 
  • Chipotle corn chicken soup
    • made with meat from the THIRD chicken I cooked yesterday
    • used frozen corn instead of hominy because I already had some in my freezer
  • Sweet Potato sandwich filling
    • from Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld
    • spread on whole wheat bread and toast in a panini press for Little Miss
  • Mac and Cheese with hidden veggies
    • from Deceptively Delicious 
    • triple veggies for Little Miss:
      • pureed cauliflower in the cheese sauce
      • veggie pasta instead of macaroni
      • also, I stirred in some frozen peas and carrots when I combined the sauce and pasta because I always add peas and carrots to her mac and cheese, even when it's straight out of the box
  • Mini Minestrone
    • for Mister Man from 100 Best Baby Purees by Annabel Karmel
    • lots of veggies that he has already eaten, plus something new - pasta!
  • Lovely Lentils
    • for Mister Man from 100 Best Baby Purees
    • sweet potatoes and other veggies cooked with lentils for some protein now that he is almost 8 months old! big boy!

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