Thursday, June 9, 2011

coupon follow-up

so after insisting that I am not an extreme couponer, this morning I went to Albertson's and spent $16 but saved $58. I walked away with one gallon of milk, two packages of lean ground turkey, two packages of Jamba-at-home, six bottles of KC Masterpiece marinade, four packages of turkey lunch meat, one package of salami and one Lunchable for grownups (not really what it's called, but that's what it looks like).
I'll admit that the six bottles of marinade was a little extreme, but the coupons came from a week when I got a lot of donated inserts and so I had more coupons than usual for that one item. The bottles were on the clearance rack for $1.14 and I had six $1-off coupons so I paid only 14 cents each for the bottles. Before I decided on the purchase, I double-checked the expiration dates and inspected the bottles for broken seals or cracks and everything checked out so I added it to my cart. When I went to Vons later in the day, I checked the price of the same marinade and it was over $4, so 14 cents is a steal! Next time meat is cheap, we're going to have a garlic-balsamic marinaded feast!

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