Saturday, June 11, 2011

Book Nook

Little Miss isn't always this calm ...

one of my goals for 2011 was to make a book nook for Little Miss. Ever since she was born, there has been a glider in one corner of her room, but I planned to move that into the new nursery which left an empty corner. I thought of lots of ideas to fill it, but what finally convinced me was a huge after-Thanksgiving sale at Joann's where I got a bunch of pillow forms for 50%-off that, when combined with the plethora of pink blankets she received as a newborn, would make a perfect cozy spot for reading books. I had a bunch of fabric left over from my indecisiveness about what to use when making curtains for her room, so once I had the pillow forms, the only thing standing in my way was myself for accomplishing the task. It took until mid-February for me to start the project but I am happy to share that it was finished before Mister Man made his mid-March debut.

... she also uses this space to practice her ab workouts!

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