Monday, September 12, 2011


it's been a few weeks since I've had a big cook-day and my fridge and freezer are sad and empty. Of course, it isn't all bad - we've been keeping busy with vacations and birthday celebrations and other end-of-summer activities and I've been glad for my fully stocked freezer and pantry many times over the past few weeks. But now those stocks are down so I am gearing up for another cook-day and it's my most ambitious one yet. I'm planning to cook the majority of the food for 20 dinners in one day. The plan is from the September issue of Rachel Ray and I'm so glad it's also posted on the website so you can see it too!
I'm not quite ready to cook all this yet. Buying 10 pounds of pork shoulder and 8 pounds of chicken all at once is quite a blow to my shopping budget so I'm easing my way in. Today I bought the chicken on sale and also used coupons for meat that I got for purchasing another product a few weeks ago. Now I'm crossing my fingers that pork shoulder will come out for a good price on Wednesday, but if it doesn't, I will freeze the chicken I bought today until I can get all my ingredients on sale. Bell peppers were also on sale this week, so I bought a bunch of them, knowing they will keep for quite a while in the fridge.
But in order to feed my family today I'm making a big pot of chili using turkey from my freezer stash. Yum. Stay tuned for news on the jumbo cook-day. I'm so excited at the thought of having the building blocks for 20 meals all ready to go in my kitchen that I'm even more giddy than usual at the thought of the new grocery sale papers coming out tomorrow.

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