Saturday, June 25, 2011

there's an app for that

my phone died out on me last week after two good years and a slow decline over the past few months. My wonderful Deputy Handsome let me upgrade to an Android-powered fancy phone and I've had the best time finding new apps to play with. After the completely addicting Words With Friends, I think the app that will see the second-most use is epicurious!
This is terrific for ideas for using up leftover odds and ends from other recipes. Make selections from one or all of the following categories:

  • main ingredient
  • meal/course
  • cuisine
  • dietary consideration
  • dish type
  • season or occasion
and a ticker at the bottom tells you how many recipes there are that meet your criteria. You can also enter keywords to narrow your search to a specific type of food. For example, I have a half-used tub of ricotta in my fridge right now and I want to do something more interesting with it than a baked pasta dish so I entered "cheese" for the main ingredient, "breakfast" for the meal and "ricotta" for the keyword and got back 9 recipes to choose from. As a result, I'll be making citrus-ricotta pancakes and also a Mediterranean veggie tart this week!

(of course you can always visit and take advantage of the same recipe matching technology from your computer too, but I really get a kick out the touch-screen.) 

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