Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Little Miss , 22 months old
Mister Man, 11 weeks old
Ever since I gave birth to my son in March, the most frequent question I hear (right after: "so, are you getting any sleep?") is: "so, how is it with two?"
Exclusively breastfeeding an infant and also trying to keep a hungry almost-two-year-old happy while their daddy works night shift is definitely not easy, but I've found that the more I can do ahead of time, the smoother the week will go. Everyone is happier when there is time for reading books and dancing around the living room instead of constantly hearing "don't touch that - it's hot!" And as I sit on the couch staring into baby blue eyes, I feel better knowing dinner is just a few minutes away for the rest of the family too.
Make-ahead meals take planning and organization (I love to plan; I am not naturally organized) and I certainly didn't come up with how to make this happen all on my own. There are lots of resources that I've found helpful and hope to keep on learning and sharing as I go along my journey to be a make-ahead mommy who still has plenty of time in the day for make-believe.


  1. OK, I don't want to put any undue pressure on the mommy of an infant and toddler, but if you are excited about this blog, I will be your #1 reader. I do not cook (said muffled with head in hands), but I want to to provide better for my family. I am excited to try some of your ideas!

  2. yeah Erin! you can do it! Let me know if you need any help :) I have been thinking it would be fun to do a cook-day with a friend if that interests you ...

  3. I heart you Katie!! I need something like this so bad! Thanks for kicking me into gear! :)